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Are You Prepared for the Unexpected?

As an estate planning attorney, I see on a much too regular basis the aftermath of the “unexpected” and what happens when people are not prepared.

Being prepared is not something you do for yourself:  being prepared is something you do for those you love.  You must consider the following six key points, some legal and some just practical, to help make sure you are prepared:   Read more

Create a Plan to Cover the Necessities of Retirement

What’s going to happen when your paycheck stops?  It’s one of the biggest questions that people nearing retirement have.  It’s difficult for people to imagine what life will be like when they start to withdraw money from their hard-earned savings.  For many, the feeling of anxiety often comes from trying to determine whether they have enough to cover essential living costs that will continue in retirement. Read more

Above and Beyond – May 2014

What’s Happening Around the Network

The First Annual Macaroni Kid South Shore Boston Best of Family Awards named Lori Cook of A Fork in the Road at Bryantville as the Best Party PlannerTracy Marino of Tracy Marino Photography was named Best Family Photographer by Macaroni Kids.  The online magazine asked local parents to nominate and vote for their favorite family-friendly businesses.   A Fork in the Road at Bryantville also wonBest Salad at the Taste of Pembroke event.  Congratulations, Lori and Tracy! Read more

Connections – May 2014

Lynn Feingold

Lynn Feingold

There is a real theme of connection in my column this month.

It’s making me recall what Jessica Foley said at the SSWBN Spring into Networking event at Dave and Busters recently.  She said that you really need to work at networking.  That means that you shouldn’t just be trading business cards at an event!  Shake hands.  Make eye contact.  Listen to what they are saying.  Strive to make a connection with them.  Follow up with them after the event, and once the connection is made, maintain that connection. 

Read more

Branding with Trademark Law in Mind

In a world flooded with information, branding becomes the key to standing out against competitors, even in relatively local markets.  Picking the right brand presents a marketing challenge, in that you need to find the message, the emotional tone and the specific words and images that work to achieve your goals. Read more

Are you leveraging your relationships?

I spoke to a member recently who recounted what I believe to be a great business story.  To grow her client base, she sent an email to ten contacts with whom she had a strong, well-established relationship, letting them know she was looking to grow her client base.  She also explained a little bit about the type of work for which she was looking. Read more

What Are Your Networking Goals?

Do you attend networking events with clear goals in mind about what you want to achieve? Or do you show up hoping for the best?
Do you know who you want to meet, how you can help others and what makes networking effective for you? Read more

Above and Beyond – Apr 2014

One of the many benefits of SSWBN membership, you get to submit your achievements for this column.

I will continue to encourage you to toot your own horn by announcing accomplishments and awards. However, we are expanding the focus of this column to encourage more members to take advantage of the publicity and the Search Engine Optimization that comes with sharing.   Read more

Connections – Apr 2014

Lynn Feingold

Lynn Feingold

Finally, the snow has melted, and the bright blossoms of thanks and appreciation of SSWBN members are breaking out all around us!

Stacey Corbett of USA Mobile Drug Testing of Greater Brockton would like to thank Tracy Dieselman of South Shore Pool Supply for her business. “At Tracy’s request we implemented a Drug-Free Workplace Program for her business, including policy and testing measures.  Thank you, Tracy, for putting your trust in us to help protect your business.” Read more

Buying Real Estate – 7 Points to Consider Before You Make that Purchase

Over the past several weeks I have received a steady stream of calls from people who are interesting in buying real estate. Whether it be a home for their family or commercial property for the operation of a business, the important points to consider are largely the same. Consider all of these seven points before  purchasing real estate:  Read more