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About The Law, August 2012

About The Law

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Barry Gordon, Gordon Mond & Ott

Frayed relationships, short tempers, lost jobs, barrage of bad news … all causes of separations and divorces. We have seen it time and time again.

Before you announce to your self, your spouse, your family and your friends that you are contemplating divorce, talk with a counselor, and absolutely talk with a lawyer. Read more

About The Law, July 2012

Barry Gordon, Gordon Mond & Ott


No, this is not “who’s on first?” as that is an old comedy routine.  This is, in all seriousness, a question of priorities.

This question centers on how we spend our assets and income, and what do we do about the things that are not funded.

First, let’s list some of the priorities that people have.  This is not an exhaustive list and it is not specific to anyone in particular; so it includes daily expenses such as rent and food, healthcare, education, retirement, caring for parents and once in a while, a vacation.  Certainly big enough as is, but for the rich, very rich and super rich the pile gets higher and often overwhelming.  Add to these priorities the running of a business or dealing with extended illnesses and chronic conditions, and what comes first then? Read more

About The Law – June 2012

Barry Gordon, Gordon Mond & Ott


There is an economist whose name is I. Will Flipacoin.  You have heard him speak and you have read the articles he has written.  He wants you to follow his thoughts about the reasons for buying real estate — or not buying — at this time.  It is hard to know which to do.

The rates are low, the prices are right, the market has stabilized.  Sellers are motivated, the market will go down more, the economy is tanking, people cannot afford to pay their rent …  do you want to be a landlord?  And might you lose your employment? Read more

About The Law, May 2012

What is so hard?

Barry Gordon, Gordon Mond & Ott

What is so hard about facing facts?  In fact almost everything!

We all make mistakes, and we have all said things we later regretted.  We have made personal and business decisions that were not the best.  We have all been carrying baggage around for a long time.  We hate confrontation and bad news. Read more

About the Law, April 2012

Barry Gordon

A Time for Reflection

Having practiced law for more than 40 years (yikes!), it is nice to pause and think about all the things I have learned in my practice, and about what I try to practice in my life. Read more

About The Law, March 2012

What Your Parents Forgot to Tell You – Or What You Forgot to Ask!

Recently a client asked us for help.  A simple matter, her father had died, and before he died he told her that she would get the proceeds of his $300,000 life insurance policy.

Our client filed the form only to be told she was not the beneficiary.  The beneficiary was her father’s former girlfriend.  What we did we do for her?  Nothing.  Her father never changed the form and the daughter and her children received nothing.  Sad but true.  Stories such as this are quite common. Read more

About The Law, February 2012

Crocuses, Daffodils, Tulips … Tax Planning and Estate Planning

 Sooner rather than later, the crocuses, daffodils and tulips will pop.  Then comes the Tax Man.  Whether you do taxes yourself or use an accountant, talk to a professional about your assets.

Do not forget interest rates on mortgages are at historic lows.  We have referral sources that give great deals to our clients. Read more

About The Law, January 2012

Barry Gordon


A new year, a good time to get your legal house in order.

Here is a simple checklist:


  1. Prepare an estate plan, complete with wills, trusts,  powers of attorneys and healthcare proxy. This is especially important if  you are divorced or newly married.
  2. Prepare a succession plan for your business.
  3. Protect your non business assets.
  4. Talk with your parents about estate and Medicaid  planning.

Read more

About The Law, April 2011


Barry Gordon

What has your imagination allowed you to do?  Are you stymied by your imagination, or stimulated by it?

Imagination that has kept you from moving forward and tackling old issues and creating new adventures is called fear.  Who has told you that you could not do what you wanted to do?  Was it your lawyer, your accountant, your financial advisor?  If it was, then simply stated, you have the wrong professionals working with you.  You have the wrong staff around you and your business plan is wrong. Read more