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Create a Plan to Cover the Necessities of Retirement

What’s going to happen when your paycheck stops?  It’s one of the biggest questions that people nearing retirement have.  It’s difficult for people to imagine what life will be like when they start to withdraw money from their hard-earned savings.  For many, the feeling of anxiety often comes from trying to determine whether they have enough to cover essential living costs that will continue in retirement. Read more

Preparing for a Confident Retirement

The Retirement Check-In® study found that on average, Americans nearing retirement report a gap of nearly $200,000 between what they have saved, and what they believe they will actually need to live comfortably in retirement. According to the same survey, many Americans also lack confidence about being able to cover the necessary expenses in retirement such as housing, food and taxes. Read more

About Your Money, May 2013

It’s the time of year when high school seniors across the country are making their final decisions about where they will attend college. Selecting the right college has always been a complex process, but in challenging economic times, the decision can be even more complicated for students and families. As higher education becomes more costly and competitive, it’s often difficult for high school students and their parents to know how to approach the situation emotionally or financially. Read more

Assessing your Risk Tolerance

Before you can identify which investments are well suited to your financial goals, you need to determine your risk tolerance. This is your level of comfort with market volatility and/or the degree to which you are willing to risk the loss of your principal for a potentially greater return. Read more