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Connections – Aug 2014

Lynn Feingold

Lynn Feingold

It’s August, and summer’s heat and humidity has not slowed down our members at all — in fact, I am pleased to say that the connections are heating up!

Judy Rizzo of Rizzo Plumbing & Heating LLC sends a warm thanks to Kristen and JoeHernandez of Première Pros for a great job referral!  “I also want to thank them for doing an outstanding paint job on our new shop.  They are a great team and a pleasure to do business with!” said Judy. Read more

Whitney Johnson – notes from breakfast

If you missed the breakfast meeting this past Thursday, you missed a powerful and speaker with a radical message. Whitney Johnson’s Seven Steps to Disruption presentation laid out a path to success that inspires you to “jump” to another path once you achieve and get comfortable on your current path to success! Among the radical steps she outlined, you need to …

Read more

Connections – Jul 2014

Lynn Feingold

Lynn Feingold

Rosemarie Lanchester of Everything you Wish For reports that she is delighted and VERY grateful to Nancy O’Keefe ofSimple Small Business Solutions, who introduced her to Nicole Perry, WATD 95.9 FM talk show host for Powerful Women Revealed.  As a result Ms. Perry interviewed Rosemarie and aired it twice.  “I received four new clients as a result of the interview, and she asked me to be on her One Year Anniversary that aired on June 29th!” said Rosemarie.  “I am so honored!” Read more

Above and Beyond – Aug 2014

Were you expecting a slow news month?  Not from the members of SSWBN.  Our members have been busy.

Nancy O’Keefe, owner of Simple Small Business Solutions, launched her new book: Values Based Choices: How Small Business Owners Will Salvage the American Dream, at Suzanne Evans Hell Yeah X Event in New York City on July 25th. Congratulations Nancy!

Starting August 15th the Good Deeds Thrift Store will be adding 3000 square feet of space directly above the current store, doubling its size.  According to Janet LaBerge, owner of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap andGood Deeds Thrift Store, “The additional space will allow us to showcase our items better and have room for classes in things like distress painting, simple upholstery, furniture repair, use of chalk paint, and more.  Thank you to our loyal customers who have supported our store and made this next leap of faith possible.”  This is awesome news, Janet! Read more

Five Common Mistakes Made by Business Owners

Over my 25-plus years of practicing law I have seen some repetitive mistakes made by many different business owners.  The following list represents five of the more common mistakes:


If you go to the trouble and set up a corporation or a limited liability company (“LLC”), you need to make sure that you operate your business as an entity.  What do I mean?  All agreements should be between your company and the other party – not between you and the other party.  Make sure you always list your company as the entity that is entering into the agreement.    Read more

Above and Beyond – Jul 2014

School is out and many other activities go on a reduced summer schedule.  Summers in New England are relaxed. Enjoy the lovely weather and the relaxed environment — just don’t forget networking and promoting your business.

Backyard barbeques and walks to the beach provide an opportunity to get to know people in an informal setting. Be sure to keep business cards with you. Read more

Independent Contractors and Copyright Ownership

You pay someone to create a masterful work for a client and you find that it can be used as a template in your business for other clients.  Because you paid for it, you may assume that you own the copyright and can re-use and create derivative works from this masterpiece as much as you want. Read more

SSWBN & Metro South Chamber

SWBN recently engaged in an affiliation agreement with the Metro South Chamber of Commerce (MSCC).

What does this mean for you? Read more

Connections – June 2014

Lynn Feingold

Lynn Feingold

(A particularly moving pair of Connections comes from Brenda Stewart, Independent Long Term Care Insurance Agent/Consultant with Genworth Financial.  In telling the story of her father’s recent passing, Brenda brings home the often deeply personal side of our Network’s ability to connect people when they need it most.   Read more