We are glad you have come to the South Shore Women’s Business Network website.

As your new President of the Board of Directors for 2017, I am excited about the past successes and future possibilities for the SSWBN!  For its 26-year history, SSWBN has brought business professionals together to network, collaborate and grow their businesses and careers.

Building on a widely-recognized history of helping women — and men interested in networking with women – to succeed in their businesses, we invite all newcomers to join us, and all current members to take advantage of the powerful opportunities and benefits that are available to them through the SSWBN.

Fulfilling on our mission results in building a community that fosters education, networking, and working together for the benefit of those wanting to optimize their businesses, we empower members to grow and improve lives on the South Shore.

The SSWBN member benefits and programs continue to evolve, to help you build relationships and increase your business’ visibility.  As a member, you may

  • Create an opportunity to showcase your business beyond simple networking
  • Participate in the more socially focused after-hours events
  • Introduce your business at a networking lunch or speaker breakfast
  • Enhance or learn a new business skill
  • Use our web and community presence to build your web and community presence, and so much more.

Following the path initiated 26 years ago by the great, future-focused women who founded the SSWBN, and respecting the turns and smoothing of that path by the women and men who brought the organization to where it is today, I and your Board of Directors welcome your input!  Please let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback.  I’m available via phone 781-329-0730 or Email, Kathleen@NIABrokers.com  and you can find the other Board Members on this website.

Make the SSWBN your organization and become part of the hundreds of successful businesses that the SSWBN has cultivated over more than a quarter century!

Thank you,


Kathleen Regan


Life | Health | Medicare | Retirement

Norwell, MA 02061

Phone: Cell: 781-329-0730 Office: 781-982-4114